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Terre des Hommes Italy (TdH Italy) will be implementing the 'Back to the Future: School readiness, inclusion and retention for children victims of the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon and Jordan' along with its consortium members- Warchild, TdH Italy in Lebanon and AVSI.
The intervention by TdH Italy in Jordan will be localized to the governorate of Zarqa for a duration of 30 months. The project aims to achieve the objective of promoting enrollment and improving retention in formal education. The core of the education sector strategy is to strengthen the public education system with the priority of increasing and sustaining enrollment of children displaced from Syria in the formal public education system.

The precondition to reach this ambitious target is to implement a comprehensive program for building new facilities and rehabilitating the existing schools. TdH Italy will improve access to formal education systems by rehabilitating 4 schools. Furthermore, it will work towards improving retention rates of school-aged children and adolescents through the provision of learning support programs featuring remedial classes and homework support and carrying out psycho-social support (PSS) for children, adolescents and their care-givers. Seeing that education and child protection are inter-linked and complementary to ensure a balanced development of the child, each organization has developed its own curriculum of structured PSS activities for children and caregivers within the framework of national roadmaps and in agreement with the Child Protection working groups. These activities are culturally appropriate and are based on a creative methodology, which includes song, drama, dance, drawing, play, storytelling and sports.