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The Sponsorship programme- Sostegno a Distanza (SAD) offers computer and English courses and psychosocial support to more than 200 children. The children are visited through home visits by Soldier's Family Welfare Society's (SFWS) skilled outreach workers to monitor their well-being along with their families. If needed, cases are referred to the clinic where they are offered free access to optical check-ups. Moreover, SAD is aimed at sustaining the equal access to education for all, by taking the overall responsibility for school equipment; by encouraging the use of information technology in formal and non-formal learning; and by promoting sport and recreational activities during school vacations.

Terre des Hommes Italy in Jordan has implemented 'Combating CEFM amongst Syrian refugees in Jordan through an awareness program, and training on producing a film addressing CEFM'. The purpose of the project was to reduce CEFM among both Jordanian and Syrian refugees in Jordan through awareness and by encouraging women to tell the story of CEFM in their communities through filmmaking. Implementation of this project started on 1st of November 2015 and included activities such as organizing awareness program on CEFM and training the same group of women on acting, directing, script writing and film making.  The outcome of those activities was the production of a short film and a documentary which, after having been presented in Amman on the 23rd and the 24th of February, has been shown 16 times across the country. Each show - organized with the logistic and organizational support of different actors, among which international NGOs and UN Agencies – was followed by focus group discussions on the issue, reaching overall 864 indirect beneficiaries, among which around 70% were women and 30% men.
The documentary and movie can be viewed by clicking here: